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MechTechnologies has a reputation for providing cost-effective, quality oriented, and reliable software services to clients across the globe.

As experts in developing custom software solutions, we can handle all aspects of your software project specification, designs and implementation, testing and related services. We hire only the best developers, who fulfill the needs of the client.

Moreover, our highly-trained web/graphic designers have the capabilities to make ergonomically-correct, user-friendly interfaces and software systems.

Paying attention to detail, and 100% commitment to  for our customers, allows us to accomplish our company vision, which is to surpass our client’s expectations on every project.

In order for MechTechnologies to fulfill our vision, we follow an efficient process that takes care of the following in order:
Step 1
Financial & Legal Agreements

To certify your projects' security and confidentiality, MechTechnologies signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) so that the details of the project are only available to our high-class software developers who are directly involved.

Once our clients are pleased with the legal considerations, MechTechnologies then signs a services contract which implicates our responsibility, our promises of deliverables, pricing and the delivery schedule for the custom software project.

To ensure that client expectations are being met, all payments are transacted after each milestone of the project has been achieved and approved by the client.

Step 2
Communication with the Client

In order to have a successful project clear communication with our clients is a must. Regular communication with the client is critical in any outsourced project, since it can make or break a project.

As a result we make sure that any cultural or linguistic differences are eliminated in order to facilitate clear and unobstructed interaction with our clients.

Also in order to ensure smooth communication, we assign the project manager of your software development project to serve as your direct contact throughout all the stages of the project.

Step 3

We offer our clients with project deliverables at clearly defined phases throughout the entire project process. These phases range from the Analysis Stage, The Application Design Stage until The Development Stage.

Step 4
Clients’ Requirements

Once a client has submitted their requirements to us we review everthing at length. Then we communicate with the client and gather additional information, in the form of documents, congregate existing systems if available, market research and competitor analysis to form a strong base for the development of the software system.

This allows us to have a robust understanding of the requirement of our clients. This in turn allows us to develop solutions that best suit the clients' needs and requirements.

Step 5
Project Analysis

This is when the information gathered from the client is extremely helpful to our software developers. The analysis & creation of the software, the variety of specification models, the establishment of the clients' requirements, and the vision & scope of the software solution all play a major role in the brainstorming session that will lead to a flawless & successful software project.

Step 6
Project Design

Some of the diagrams that are used within the design procedure for a successful custom software solution which include:

  1. High-level and Low-level Design
  2. Data Flow Diagram, etc.
  3. The User Interface – which is then presented for approval from the client
  4. Design Model, validation of scope, estimates of contract, etc.
  5. The Implementation Mode
  6. The Test Model – clients to use and test to see progress of the software
Step 7
Project Development

The vast and vital information gathered from the Design Process plays a major role in the custom software development. The implementation and design models are a strong aid in the development of the code, which then follows onto the software application source code for testing.

In order to ensure the successful evolution of the software solution, documentation of the processes is presented to the client for review as the project developmentof the software solution processes.

Step 8
Project Integration and Testing

During this stage users enter 'dummy' data and fully test the developed software application, which results in quality-assured test reports which is then presented to the client for approval.

The client then provides feedback and gives approval which allow MT to move forward once the client is completely satisfied with our softwareapplication.

Step 7
Project Deployment and Acceptance

Project Deployment & Acceptance involves the implementation of the software application on the clients' behalf. This leads to the client signing off the implementation as usable and fully developed.

We ensure the satisfaction of the client via debugging (if any) and also offer to convey the functionality of the developed software application.


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