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Description: Bank Loan Management System. is a complete Bank Loan Management System developed in VB6 and MS SQL server. The software system handles the user data securely. more
Description: Hotel Reservation. The system was developed to obtain an easy to use application that could provide outstanding facilities for room reservations. more
Description: HKA. HKA was designed for the clients who had a business of importing garments. The software application could keep and maintain the records related to the garments. more
Description: Manage Mail. Mail Manager more
Description: XML. XML Sitemaps generator is a tool developed to extract/crawl all URL in a site and generate XML map of the website to make the website more SEO friendly. more
Description: Transcript Synthesizer is a tool developed for medical transcription company to generate MT base cover sheets and client base invoices. It automatically calculate the characters from the source files and generate output in specific format. more
Description: Keyword site manger is a tool to dynamically create whole PHP website using well define template. You can install this software at any windows machine. It will let you enter hosting detail and related keyword and create pages locally. You can upload (FTP) pages at more then one hosting server at a more
Description: We develop this software in VB6 and MS Access for a US base engineering company to avoid long and tedious calculations. more
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